Shipping terms

Delivery to Europe Freight Carriage free
Europe outside the European Union 47,60 EUR *) > 536,00 EUR *)
Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia 35,70 EUR *) > 476,00 EUR *)
Remaining countries of the European Union 17,85 EUR *) > 298,00 EUR *)
Germany only 6,90 EUR *) > 59,50 EUR *)

*) All prices inclusive German VAT

No VAT must be paid if delivery is outside
the EU or for holders of an European VAT Number.

Tracking of your delivery

The delivery of your orders takes over the logistics company DPD and done - unless you were otherwise informed during the ordering process - usually within 2-3 working days.

The current status of the delivery, you can track at any time under DPD Tracking. Shortly after sending you will receive an email from DPD. Please just follow.